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We’ve created the perfect platform for our colleagues to thrive and we’re always on the lookout for talented, driven individuals to join the team. We create the stage for you to showcase your potential. Whether you’re an expert in SEO or you’re a driven people person with the warmest welcome, at Vita we’re incredibly proud of our people and want to see them excel.

It’s why we provide a host of benefits for our colleagues so they can be the best at what they do. From flexible working hours to our training and development programme, there’s a world of opportunity across the platform for anyone with the right mindset.

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Our Values

Passionate & Positive

We call upon all our colleagues to be passionate and positive, channelling this winning energy and mentality into everything they do.

We power our residents through their most important life stages – our collective mission ‘create an environment for people to thrive’ is something we’re incredibly passionate about, and the impact we have on our residents’ lives is something we can all be incredibly proud of.

As such, all of our colleagues have an equal role to play in delivering this formula for success and industry leading experience. And in bringing passion and positivity to work, we’ll never be afraid to roll up our sleaves, open a door and get stuck into the day.

Ready to Communicate

Great communication is the key to working well together as a team. We call on all our colleagues to be excellent communicators, able to talk and listen with paid respect.

In being able to deliver and follow clear instructions, it helps build trust, forge better relationships and achieve more as a team.


Every employee has their role to play in delivering business success. We ask that all our employees think about tomorrow as well as today.

How will what I do now support the businesses’ future goals and deliver a better product for residents? By recruiting a team of people who can deliver our short-term goals whilst thinking long-term, we will always be driving the platform forward and creating tomorrow’s urban living.


We’re a fast-paced, high energy, social environment with plenty of opportunities for progression. We call on our colleagues to be ready and raring to go.

We want our colleagues to find opportunities to improve themselves and the business, develop their skills and take on new challenges.

From learning new languages to provide our residents with a warm welcome, to undertaking a new project which takes you out of your comfort zone, being driven and striving will help you achieve your goals whilst supporting our growth.


The simplest value for everyone to understand and uphold. We expect all our people to be good people, acting with good intentions and integrity. This caring nature brings teams closer together, supporting and nurturing each other through challenges.

From lightening the load when a colleague is up against it to offering five minutes to catch up and chat when someone needs a trusting ear.

This good nature helps to creates a supportive environment where everyone can thrive and excel.

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