Blue trends story

LAB: How fashion could influence interior trends over the next year

The Lab takes an in-depth look at the leading youth fashion brands to help trend forecast for future colour inspiration.

Inspiration can come from anywhere, but more often than not, this year’s catwalk trends feed into next year’s interior trends helping to inform new hues, fabrics and styles.

With a recent study conducted by BeatFreeks placing Nike, H&M, ASOS, Dr Martens, Adidas and Vans as the leading youth brands, the Lab takes a look at their Spring look books to help discover more.

The good news story – hi-viz and cycle shorts appear to be on their way out!

In its place, well things are still quite utilitarian with plenty of zips, pockets and hard-working fabrics such as denim and leather. Leather has never really gone out of fashion when it comes to interiors, especially in high impact areas, however over the last five years we’ve seen greater use of softer, more tactile fabrics such as velvet so this return to leather could open the pathway to a greater use of rugged, utilitarian fabrics.

When it comes to colours, 2022 has a very distinct colour palette. Blues, blacks, creams and whites featured heavily across each brand’s latest looks. When used in interiors, these colours can really complement each other creating warm, welcoming spaces which have a calming effect.

Kerry McMahon, Senior Designer said:

“Blue is one of those great colours that’s packed with personality.  It’s a versatile colour that awakens both the calm and the creative.  Social media has also played a huge role in the way we design our spaces and the colours we use. With these emerging fashion trends, we can see how the likes of the bolder Indigo and Cobalt Blues can be used to add that electric pop of colour within a space. The blacks, whites and creams will always be a great neutral backdrop for blue, whether it be the lighter cerulean tones to the deeper rich navies.

The practicality of fashions forward thinking approach to fabric plays to the hand of how people are striving for comfort and versatility within their own spaces, whether it be the residential or commercial markets. The impact of the pandemic and how we live has changed consumer behaviour and people have started to approach design and colour with more confidence and defiance. Roll on the big and bold I say!”