Max Bielby, Laura Swindells, David Ancell, Alex Kelly

String of C-suite promotions for Vita Group

Vita Group has added to its C-suite with a trio of top-tier promotions. Max Bielby who was previously Managing Director for Vita Student has been promoted to Chief Operating Officer, Laura Swindells who was previously People Director has been promoted to Chief of Staff and David Ancell has been promoted to Chief Brand Officer. 

Bielby’s new role aligns with the businesses growth across new living sectors as its BTR brand Vita Living continues to roll out and new co-living brand Union is on the horizon. Bielby will continue to head up Vita Student whilst ensuring smooth operations across all Vita Group’s communities, overseeing sales, customer experience and marketing. 

Swindells has been with Vita Group since its inception, playing a vital role in delivering success. Laura’s role sits across all functions of the business, driving company culture, ensuring business functions are resourced appropriately and sitting across all strategic decision making to align with the wider business objectives, vision, and values. 

Ancell, who was previously Brand and Product Director has been promoted Chief Brand Officer shaping the way the Group creates living experiences to connect with its customers, Ancell will continue to grow Vita Student and Vita Living whilst developing new living brands. 

As well as the three additions to the company C-suite, Alex Kelly has been promoted from Head of Acquisitions to Acquisitions Director as the business continues to scale its operations and look for new sites to develop. 

Mark Stott, Chief Executive Officer of Vita Group said: “Dave, Laura, Max and Alex have been integral to the way the group operates for a number of years and these promotions acknowledge the fantastic work they’ve achieved and demonstrate our investment into their talent. I look forward to seeing how they continue to develop and thrive in their new roles.”