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Vita Group reveals initial concept sketch and further narrative for Goods Station masterplan

Urban regeneration specialist, Vita Group has today revealed more detail on its Birmingham masterplan, Goods Station, as it seeks to celebrate the site’s heritage as a live-work destination.

David Ancell, Vita Group Chief Brand Officer said: “Goods Station will honour the location’s heritage as a centre for craftmanship and trade, a hub which connected Birmingham’s goods with the world. Now, Goods Station will do the same, but this time with people and ideas.

A place which celebrates the good and the great in life, championing good intentions, with attention to sustainability, prosperity, and health. Goods Station will promote everything that is good for you and for the community, welcoming Birmingham in, creating an inclusive place which you feel a part of. Goods Station is all about good vibes, good health, good opportunities… a good life.” has been updated with some early sketches which start to show what the mixed-use masterplan will create. Green space on multiple levels which welcomes Birmingham in, active ground floor retail and leisure destinations which provide independent operators from across the city with a springboard to launch concepts, and a wide range of places to live for renters.

Detail is still at concept stage however, Vita Group aims to begin early consultation for the masterplan in June/July and is currently working out the finite detail in terms of exactly what will be included in its residential offering, however the aim is to create a sustainable mixed-use urban neighbourhood which will cater for a broad spectrum of demographics who want to live in the city.

James Rooke, Vita Group Head of Planning said: “Whilst it’s still early days, we’re excited to show you very early concepts of what Goods Station could be, there’s a real opportunity to create something which at its core captures the Birmingham ID, creating a vibrant destination which welcomes the city and creates great places to live thanks to its plethora of uses.”

Vita Group has engaged local historian Carl Chin to help understand the extensive site heritage which predates its use as the Central Goods Station, arcing back to a time when the site was a vibrant place where people lived, and goods were traded from “little gaffers”, traditional houses where small manufacturers would live and trade. In many respects, the vision for the Goods Station is to embody this live/work philosophy, creating an environment in which people can thrive.

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