Vita Lab

The Vita Lab is our space for innovation. It’s where we put data and insights to the test to form intelligence. It’s what elevates us above the competition, creating a test bed for new ideas, forming the science to what we do.

Lead by our insights team, it covers all elements of the business from the materials we source and the land we acquire to the innovative new technologies we introduce and the behaviours we adopt.

Data streams are constantly being fed into the Lab and it’s how we collaborate as a team of experts to manipulate this information to create new products which keeps the platform at the cutting edge of tomorrow’s living.

Future Living Report 2022

Welcome to the inaugural Vita Group Future Living Report

What we do


Developing rich data is the key to making informed decisions that deliver. The data and insights team are constantly looking for new data streams which can help make the platform and its’ products the best they can possibly be.


Always looking to the future, trend forecasting, and commissioning research helps to focus our attention and generate new leads. It’s how we turn this future thinking into clear vision for the platform that makes the lab and its’ people so special.


Insights are constantly evolving and shaping new products – from how we fine-tune our customer experience to how we create new buildings. By interrogating data and insights, the platform is constantly learning and evolving.


Interpreting data and insights, our brand development team are plugged into a host of data streams to lead and shape new brands. From emerging trends in the world of fashion, culture, and politics to changes in behaviour and understanding of living needs.

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