Vita Group reveals its ‘Future Living Report’ the largest study into emerging living trends

Urban living specialist, Vita Group has published its inaugural Future Living Report, the largest study of its kind reviewing the latest living trends as Britain responds to the cost-of-living crisis, and emerges from the pandemic with a new normal which includes hybrid working, pets and second income streams. 

The in-depth report which harnesses insights from over 8,000 people in the UK, as well as drawing on trends observed within its buildings with over 10,000 people living across its platform of brands.

It takes a microscopic look at hybrid working and how the nation has adapted to this new way of working life at home. The impact hybrid workers spending 2.9 days a week working from home has had on homes, uncovering how they’ve moved, adapted their homes and settled into this new way of working.  

The cost-of-living crisis and what that means for the housing market as Britain starts to tighten the purse strings. Where households will be cutting back and, in some cases, drawing in second incomes to balance the books, as well as how the Britain’s appetite to move has been seriously hit as people respond to rising interest rates and bigger bills. 

How Gen Z and Millennial city dwellers have had to adapt the way they live and work for the pets they acquired during the pandemic – including how 46 per cent of pet owners living in the city had to move home and how they’re calling on landlords to be more than just pet friendly.

The nation’s feeling towards the housing crisis and the number of homes being built in Britain with 54 per cent of people saying the government isn’t doing enough to build affordable homes.

Max Bielby, Chief Operating Officer for Vita Group said: “The largest piece of work of its kind within the industry, The Future Living Report provides robust data and insights to formulate intelligence which will help shape the products we create. In responding to behaviour changes and trends quickly, we can hone and adapt our proposition to best suit the consumer – creating environments for people to thrive.”


The research, which was conducted on behalf of Vita Group by independent research specialists, 3Gem and completed in September 2022.

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