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Salvation Army call in staff from Vita Student Telephone House to help with hostel renovation

Staff at Vita Student Telephone House in Sheffield have joined forces with the Salvation Army hostel on Charter Row to breathe new life into the hostel. The dedicated team from Vita Student transformed the tired looking canteen, painting the walls, skirting boards and much more with vibrant new colours, making it once again a welcoming place for the community.
The Salvation Army hostel on Charter Row plays a crucial role in addressing homelessness, providing essential support to vulnerable individuals in the community. The hostel offers a warm shelter, nutritious meals, and a supportive base for those striving to regain stability in their lives. By decorating the hostel, staff at Vita Student hope to provide an uplifting environment for the individuals seeking refuge and support.
Lewis Warwick, Residence Manager at Vita Student Telephone House said: “It’s fantastic to be able to go and help the Salvation Army, the hostel does an incredible job supporting vulnerable people across the city. The canteen plays a key role in helping those people get back on their feet, so being able to go and breathe new life into this space with a fresh coat of paint feels incredibly rewarding.”